The Challenge

To provide a dexterously finished production facility capable of massive expansion to match the growth of a highly successful global company. Implementation of construction techniques that allow for a short construction period were to be paramount to finished building form.

The Solution

First, to establish a heavily serviced insulated ‘shed’, specifically the ‘business core’, functioning without fault, endowed with unusually high roof loads (aerial conveyors), and provide a consistent humidity paper-working environment. The working environment was to be the next best thing to clinical. Secondly, to front the operations component with an applied cellular administrative hub, reflecting the business – data in, printed product out.


The dynamic rhythm of metallic sunscreen boxing, applied over two abutting shallow boxes, forming an 80 meter long administration hub, provides a distinctive ‘front’ to a space that is otherwise routinely only accessed electronically. Concrete panel tilt-up construction provided a high façade erection turnover rate per day, assisting greatly in meeting non-negotiable production commencement dates. The completed building, in terms of both envelope and interiors, have a generously spacious and elegant feel, and help establish this southern hemisphere Asia-Pacific primary production building as an integral part of this global company.