The Challenge

The challenge was to provide a distinctive free-flowing office to enhance collaboration, incorporate two individual works zones and discrete executive areas, add finishes equal to that of Serco’s London Cardinal Place office – all to be constructed within an extremely tight time frame.

The Solution

Executive and Operations and hot-desk works zones were separated by a central walk-through staff lounge area, providing an equal-terms location for informal staff interaction and simultaneously separating the individual workplace environments. These workhorse spaces were backstopped by a curved feature wall, ornamented with indentations of the Serco lozenge logo successfully separating front of house from the remaining tenancy space.


The gently curving and sensuous wall provides a beautiful transition between client arrival and open plan work spaces beyond. This, aptly named, ‘dragon wall’ not only masks the day-to-day open office operations but creates interest in an otherwise utilitarian but necessary, circulation space.

Successful outcomes have been the meeting rooms that open up directly into the reception area to increase clientele waiting capacity; an uncluttered feel created with integrated and concealed feature wall paneling storage, and the deliberate colour contrasts between tranquil kitchen greens, corporate reds, oversized dark timber joinery and hi-tech, perforated metal ceiling panels.