The Challenge

To combine several existing practices into a single centre, with a floor plate that was unconventionally long and narrow. This floor plate configuration would not allow a conformist (industry-standard) perimeter of consultation rooms around a central treatment or procedures area, and with the entry imposed asymmetrically, an alternative eccentric, but clever, solution was required.

The Solution

A single double loaded corridor, placing a copious number consultation rooms to one side (the side receiving natural daylight), all facing an elongated treatment area (incorporating emergency bay and procedures rooms) with multiple entry points, has been an effective departure from medical floor planning precedence. Doctors’ non-billable ‘walk-times’ have been minimized, assisted with the incorporation of split waiting areas.


With just 16 consultation rooms, this medical centre averages more than 600 patients per day – a good statistic under any condition – a very good statistic given that it is buried on an obscure third floor of a commercial building in the suburbs, with limited visibility and with a lack signage. However, internally the look is crisp and comfortable, and is easily recognized as one of the IPN chain of Medical Practices.