The Challenge

From the start of this project, Crawford Architects carefully considered how to build and remodel on this fragile beachfront and sand dune site with strong sea breezes.

The Solution

By using a sensitive palette of materials and colors, the homes appear to have been thrown up the beach by the sea like a jumble of driftwood. Clad in western red cedar, which is allowed to weather naturally, each house has extensive outdoor living spaces framed with hundred year-old wharf timbers from Pyrmont (Sydney) into sliding, permeable screens that provide moveable privacy and protection from the salt laden sea breezes. No gutters, no paint, no garden, equals no maintenance – perfect for holiday house living.


Each of the three houses was designed to incorporate the individual requirements of each client. By limiting the palette of materials, forms and finishes, the individual houses form a cohesive communal grouping where each contributes to and responds to its neighbor in a sympathetic, rather than competing manner. Designed as a group, issues such as privacy and overshadowing were avoided.  Built as a group by a single contractor, economies of scale were afforded to each of the owners.  Seen as a group from a distance, they are understated and comfortable in the landscape.